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iFuge is a collection of utilities and samples for the dot net platform. Current development is focused on DirectX 11.

iFuge was founded by Jeff Hegedus as an outlet for creative personal, development and entrepreneurial energies in the hopes that it might attract like minded people. As Eric Raymond said in his often quoted work The Cathedral and the Bazaar it was started to scratch my own personal itch.

My itch, or maybe I should say one of my itches, is that I find it difficult to create tangible value out of the excess energy that I have and the work I do above and beyond what my employer and the rest of my life demand of me. My experience though tells me that this is a frequent itch for developers and many other highly motivated, highly talented individuals. Many of you may also be working in roles that are good jobs by most standards and find that you routinely put forth more effort than expected but are unable to create a sustainable momentum by yourself. My hope is that by working together, we can help each other succeed on our own terms in ways that help each of us see benefits proportional to our contribution.

Th bigger vision for iFuge is that once the right people start working together they might be able to create a collaborative development platform to help individual developers of software and content who wish to develop components for commercial use and profit from that development. I envision platform providing infrastructure components that simplify the process of developing, supporting, marketing and selling anything that can be provided in a digital format.

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